We can assist with all manner of applications relative to Taxi Licensing, including:

  • New Taxi Licence Application
  • Incorporation Application (in applicable Licensing Authority Areas)
  • Renewal of Taxi Licence Application
  • Change/Substitution of Vehicle Application
  • New Vehicle Application
  • New Taxi Driver's Licence
  • Renewal of Taxi Driver's Licence
  • Change of Day to Day Manager Application (Joint Licence Holder)
  • Applications on death of a Licence Holder
  • Variations of Licence
  • Notification of Material Change of Circumstances





Dealing with a complaint made against you or one of your drivers is a delicate process. Much may hinge on the manner of your first response. The ScotTaxiServices team has all the experience you need to ensure your response is both thorough and measured, thereby ensuring the Licensing Authority has an accurate picture of the facts relating to the matter of complaint. We can also liaise with the licensing authority on your behalf, giving you a necessary and welcome distance from a difficult and often stressful situation. If you have received intimation of a complaint, please contact us for assistance




Appeals are available to the Sheriff against all decisions of Licensing Authorities for which reasons may be required. This includes refusals to grant or renew, decisions on suspension and revocation, and also the imposition of conditions.

Our Legal Partners are highly experienced court practitioners, but with licensing expertise. They have conducted appeals before the Sheriff and Sheriffs Principal in licensing and other matters over many years. They can advise you on the prospects of successfully appealling any adverse decision and provide you with expert professional representation in any appeal you require to make.